PU Spray Machine / PU Injection Machine

1.  PU Spray Machine HP Smarter® Model ET2015


HP Smarter® ET2015 is a high pressure polyurethane spray and injection machine which controlled by PLC system board. The machine be applied  with 220V electrical supply, easy to handle and use together with 1-2 horse powers air compressor. Moreover there’s heater system and auto injection time system.

HP Smarter ET2015 machine can be applied to spray insulation under roof or insulation in walls, inject in cooling container and inject in many workpieces.

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Vedio: Spray PU Foam cover tank for insulation by HP Smarter ET2015

Specification of  HP Smarter® ET2015 Machine

แรงดัน (pressure) 140 บาร์ (bar)
อัตรา (output) 6 กก./นาที (Kgs./min)
ไฟฟ้า (electricity) 220 โวล์ต (V), 2900 วัตต์ (WATT)
ลม (air) 3-6 บาร์ (bar)
ขนาด (dimension) 70 x 60 x 115 ซม. (cm.)
น้ำหนัก (weight) 85 กก. (Kgs.)

2. PU Spray Machine HP Smarter® Model HE2020

HE F01

Specification of  HP Smarter® HE2020 PU Spray foam Machine

แรงดัน (pressure) 100 บาร์ (bar)
อัตรา (output) 4 กก./นาที (Kgs./min)
ไฟฟ้า (electricity) 220 โวล์ต (V), 1500 วัตต์ (WATT)
ลม (air) 3 บาร์ (bar)
ขนาด (dimension) 50 x 60 x 40 ซม. (cm.)
น้ำหนัก (weight) 60 กก. (Kgs.)

“HP Smarter HE2020” High Efficiency Polyurethane (PU) Spray Machine is a compact high pressure polyurethane spray machine applied with 220V electrical supply and easy to handle which can be applied to spray and inject PU foam. The machine use together with air compressor 1 horse power or more.

HP Smarter HE2020 machine can apply to spray insulation foam under roofs and between walls, inject in cooling containers, inject in many workpieces and inject foam into wall and floor cracks etc.

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3.  PU Injection Machine HP Smarter® Model PP2003


Specification of HP Smarter® Model PP2003 PU Foam Injection Machine

แรงดัน (pressure) 110 บาร์ (bar)
อัตรา (output) 18 กก./นาที (Kgs./min)
ไฟฟ้า (electricity) 380 โวล์ท (V), 4500 วัตต์ (Watt) 3 เฟส(Phrase) / 4 สาย (Line)
ลม (air) 4-6 บาร์ (bar)
ขนาด (dimension) 70 x 85 x 100 ซม. (cm.)
น้ำหนัก (weight) 100 กก. (Kgs.)

HP Smarter model PP2003 – high pressure polyurethane injection machine output 17-18 Kg./min., 380 Volt 3 phrase, 4 line electrical supply. Use together with air compressor 3 horse powers or more. Moreover the machine can set injection time automatically.

HP Smarter model PP2003 is easy to handle and maintenance. Economy price.

The HP Smarter model PP2003 can apply to inject in cooling containers, door panels, boats or inject in many workpieces.


We distribute PU adhesive 2 part that use by mixing 2 part of the components which are very highly glue performance and utilized in the many industries as automotive, cold storage industries.

Furthermore PU adhesive can apply in construction and use in household to fix the broken tools or furniture.

Application :

For stick many material’s surface as Polystyrene or Polyurethane hard foam, Rock wool, Wood fiber, Aluminium and various metal, rock sheets, etc.


We supply polyurethane chemical systems both polyol and isocyanate. We supply many types of PU chemical systems for many industrial applications as

  • Refrigerator
  • Panel industries
  • Polyurethane Spray Foam
  • Ice Box & Freezer
  • Pipe cover
  • Buoyancy
  • Wood imitation etc.

Polyurethane Foam properties

  • Polyurethane foam is good insulation which has heat conductivity (k) low.
  • Light weight
  • Capability to molding in vary shapes.
  • Cohesive with various surface such as metal, wood, plastic etc.
  • Can resist the temperature 110oC and can resist very high temperature till 250oC in short time


Isupump PP3002 : Transfer Pump/Drum Pump

Isupump PP3002 is high viscosity liquid transfer pump, suitable for resin, oil, chemical etc. Made from high quality stainless steel. Driven by compressed air enhance with pcb which give high performance transfer viscous liquid.

Product Feature

  • Pressure : 3-10 Bar
  • Pump Flow rate : 5-15 litres/min (depend on liquid type)
  • Weight : 13 Kgs.
  • Upper cylinder diameter : 63mm. (2.5”)
  • Material : Aluminium

ISURATE Insulation from PIR

ISURATE Insulation from PIR

Our product “Isurate” high quality insulation from PIR. Moreover there are noise reduction property. We distribute insulation (Isurate) as following